Online Courses

When you are trying to learn a new skill on Youtube, have you ever wished that the video maker would just slow down, or better still be able to stop and let you know where you’re going right/wrong!?We are all so busy these days with work, family and life in general that sometimes we just don’t have the time to go out and learn a skill for ourselves. Below are a selection of online courses that we have for offer. All of the courses are delivered by a fully-qualified teacher who will be there to support you before, during and after the completion of your chosen course. As with all of our courses, any applicable theory will be sent via email before the beginning of the course. The practical lesson will be taught via Skype at a mutually-convenient time. You are welcome to learn alone (as a 1:1) or with your friends/family, in a group. If you wish to complete the course for professional purposes then you will also be asked to provide case studies (pictures of your work) to show your skill level. This will not be necessary if you are just looking to learn for your own personal development.

Plaiting Course

This is our most popular course as plaits have become so popular in recent years. It is aimed at both beginners and hairdressers looking to advance their hair-up skills. The lessons last for an hour and within that time, students are usually able to learn between 2-6 styles of plaits. You are, of course, welcome to purchase additional hours, as desired and can do so by altering the number in the payment option below – 1= 1 hour, 2 = 2 hours etc. The teacher will be demonstrating the plaiting on a styling head and you will need to have either a model or a styling head to practice on during the practical lesson. This is perfect for mums/dads/nans etc, as well as for hairdressers. The lesson can be guided by you as the learner and you are able to choose from a variety of plaits we can teach, including:

  • 3 Strand;
  • French;
  • Dutch;
  • Boxer Braids (2 x Dutch)
  • Fishtail;
  • 4 Strand;
  • Headband;
  • Lace French;
  • Lace Dutch;
  • Waterfall;
  • Ladder;
  • Halo;
  • 5 Strand;
  • Cornrows.


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Makeup Lesson

This course is aimed at beginners in makeup, looking for a little help with applying their makeup. Throughout the lesson, you can learn about skin analysis, skincare routine, makeup routines, products best suited for your own skin type, as well as more specific area in application, such as achieving a flawless finish, contouring, creating beautiful smoky eyes etc. The lesson can be tailored specifically for your requirements so if you have something in mind that you would love to improve then please feel free to let us know and we will tailor the lesson for you. During your practical Skype session, your teacher will be demonstrating either on themselves or a model. You re welcome to either try the makeup techniques on yourself or on a model. The lesson time is 1 and a half hours. Additional time can be bought in hourly increments, depending on how long you would like to learn for. You are of course welcome to top-up with additional hour at any point. This course will require you to have makeup to hand so that you are able to practice.


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Gel Polish Application

This course is aimed at beginners that would like that ‘salon finish’ at home. This course will teach you the correct preparation, application and removal of gel polish. The practical Skype course will last for an hour and a half but additional time can also be bought, in hourly increments. Your teacher will be demonstrating the procedures on practice/display nails. You are welcome to practice on yourself, a model or practice/display nails. To complete the practical part of this course, you will need:

  • Nail files (1 x medium 180-220 grit for shaping and 1 x fine 400-600 grit for preping or finishing nails);
  • LED or UV nail lamp;
  • Gel Polish (Base, Colours and Top coats);
  • Gel Prep and Prime solutions;
  • Acetone;
  • Foil;
  • Lint-free pads

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